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our discord

hey you! yeah you. You calling us racist? Join our discord and prove it. Potential prizes!


The 1st Virginia Cavalry

The 1st Virginia Cavalry Regiment is a small gaming community and peer support network for recovering racists, primarily focused on playing WAR OF RIGHTS, a 300 PLAYER historical fps based on the American Civil War. We focus on providing members a fun time, regardless of WINNING OR LOSING, AND without FORGETTING WHY WE ENJOY PLAYING GAMES TOGETHER. Although our main activity is WAR OF RIGHTS, we spend many nights playing Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, Hearts of Iron 4 (and mods), Ready or Not, Total War (ACW, NTW3), Hell Let Loose, Squad, OR JUST VIBIN'.


never mandatory!
always subject to change!


8:00 pm est (1 am UTC) - BATTLE


8:00 PM EST (1:00 am UTC) - dRILL


3:00 pm est (8 pm UTC) - BATTLE


3:00 pm est (8 pm UTC) - BATTLE


8:00 pm est (1 AM UTC) - BATTLE

code of conduct
    1. Treat one another with a modicum of respect, and that is not affected by in-game rank.
    2. Slurs, repeat misbehavior, your list of turn-offs, reflects poorly on the unit and annoys the collective. Expect a warning or removal depending on severity and repetition.
    3. When not pertaining to an event or the regiment, one member cannot use rank to influence another member.
    4. Please use the event sign-up whenever possible. "No" will never be an unacceptable answer regarding attendance.
    5. Save any complaints for the After Action Report. If you arrive late to an event, or do not sign up beforehand, your needs will be put 2nd to the needs of those in-game.